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When Jory comes home to the find Scout, Temple, and Polly taking another shot at the Installing Linux on a Dead Badger spell from the internet, Throwback Thursday takes on a whole new meaning – apparently, it takes a village to raise a raccoon (from the dead). Familiar is a story of a gym rat magician, the man he’s been sleeping with, and a minor infestation of faeries.

Familiar is in the middle of second drafting, but you can read the first couple chapters  on Wattpad now.

In the United States, the land is being Rebooted with Earth Seeds to combat global climate change and industry-spoiled ground. When the process is successful, the land becomes green, fertile and nothing short of renewed. But there are side effects to Reboot: the occasional pterodactyl shows up, or a river gets moved to devastating effect; Michigan was lost during the first Earth Seed tests.

New Providence is a walled prison colony at the site of a failed Reboot. In the Crescent District, housemates Paddy and Lila, two of NP’s first native-born generation, are trying to navigate through a life colored by checkpoints and curfews, privilege and disadvantage, cops and tricks, and a mysterious illness spreading through the streets that robs the sick of sleep – among other things.

And then there’s the radio. Free Pirate Radio has been foretelling a Rise Up for as long as anyone can remember. DJ Seph promises listeners, “The gun is loaded,” and that the Committee is making plans behind the scenes. She reminds the citizens of New Providence to, “Stay patient, stay ready, stay safe.”But there is a secret in the ground: a new religion’s prophecy is Manifesting.Free Pirate Radio is currently being shopped out, but you can read an excerpt here.
When the Flash first hits in northern Ohio and all the lights go out, no one knows what to make of it. Then rivers change course, fish get weird, and people start to burst into birds – clearly, things will never be the same. Birdsong is a collection of stories set in the Reboot Universe, where Free Pirate Radio takes place.

Birdsong is available from Doublebunny Press, but you can read an excerpt here.